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Jene Dates & Dry Fruits

About Us.

We are based out of Tirupur, we sell premium dry fruits, nuts, and honey-soaked products at a price affordable to all with 100% customer satisfaction. We cater to the whole sale and retail customers, we ship all over India.

We are an importer and wholesaler of dates and dry nuts sourced from across the globe. Today, we are a leading distributor of various types of dates, dry fruits and nuts.

We are a professionally run business. We have created relationships with suppliers across the globe that guarantee us reliably good quality dates which we distribute as well as package and sell. Along with a supply-chain advantage, we also have decades of personal knowledge that helps us understand what we are selling. Our variety of dates and nuts offer our customers a tasty, healthy and naturally-produced food item that is free of trans fats, cholesterol and contains no added sugar or artificial ingredient. Neither oiled for appearance, nor mixed with additives, dates sold by us are unprocessed sold in their natural and nutritious form.

In our quest to maintain our status as a premier importer of dates, dry nuts in India, we have added this website to exhibit and sale our dates, dry fruits and nuts via this website.

For bulk orders for dates and dry nuts and fruits, you can contact us directly, details below

Phone: +91 9585519480
Whatsapp: +91 9042019480
Email: jenedates@gmail.com

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